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Sidonia Jareeda   Sidonia Om Dunia

is an award winning performer and director/choreographer for Beli Danse Academie.  She performs at various local Arts Festivals, charity benefits and participates in national Middle-Eastern seminars, dance festivals, and special events.  Sidonia began performing when she was four and studied ballet, tap, jazz and Polynesian dance.   Belly-dancing entered her life in 1977 along with her beautiful daughter.

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"I am always so star struck with her. When she teaches it is like she is telling
a story... a very old story, past thru the generations"
   Devi Safir

Sidonia sponsors “Beli Danse Hafla”, which features three days of workshops with master instructor/performers and showcases local & national talent.  She co-ordinates performers for major local festivals and hosts dance parties for Treasure Valley's Tribes.   Her presentations of Mediterranean and Middle Eastern Dance provide a unique form of “Edutainment”.  

Sidonia has lived and traveled throughout the United States, Philippines, Hong Kong, Germany, Great Britain, Canada and Greece. In addition to her degrees in Education and History, she is a certified aerobic instructor. Sidonia continues to study ethnic origins of movement.  Some of the major influences in her dance career are Nagwa Fouad,  Mahmoud Reda,  Sohair Zaki, Amaya, Aziz, Bert Balladine, Kathryn Ferguson, Jamilla Salimpour, Morocco,  Mezdulene, Nabeela el Shalimar, Saqra, Gaylene Dover and Sidonia's mother Althea.    Her multi-cultural life and dance experiences contribute to Sidonia’s Classic Style with a contemporary twist.   She is celebrating over 30 years of teaching this amazing art form.

After all these years, I am still teaching because I feel it is an excellent way to reach out to all women who want a little fun in their lives.  The art of “Beli Danse” reminds us that there is no such thing as being too old, too fat, or without rhythm.  We are all beautiful, diverse, and when given a chance we can find joy in movement at any age."

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